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Desk pain and strain — relieve your neck and back

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Desk pain and strain — relieve your neck and back

A lot of people experience neck and back pain as a result of sitting at their desks all day. This is because our desks are an area where comfort is often disregarded in the name of efficiency. However, sitting at a desk without the right support can quickly lead to chronic pain. Here’s how you can adjust your space to better support your body during work hours. 

The right chair 

The benefit of a high-quality chair can not be overemphasised. Chairs can be bought online, but going to a store and trying different styles of chairs is a better way to assess how comfortable they are for you. You should aim for a chair that supports your back and promotes good posture. Adjustable height, headrests, and armrests are additional bonuses. 

Desk options 

The height of your desk is very important. People don’t tend to notice how often they hunch over their desks. Craning your upper body towards your task will create muscle strain which could lead to spasms in the neck or tension headaches. Adjustable desks are available widely online. While sitting at your desk, you should be able to bend your arms at a ninety-degree angle and have them rest comfortably on the surface. Reaching or bending down is a sign that you need to adjust your chair and desk height further.  

Monitor height

Your computer monitor likely gets most of your attention while you work. For this reason, it needs to be at an appropriate height just like your desk and chair. Some monitors come with an articulating stand, separate stands can also be bought. The goal is to have the screen at a height and angle that doesn't require you to move your neck or shoulders. For this reason, larger monitors are often helpful because more can be displayed and enlarged on the screen without needing to get closer to see things clearly. Preventing eye strain is a plus! 

Everyone needs breaks

Even with the best desk setup possible, taking breaks is important. Your body needs to move and your mind needs time away from work. Take regular breaks throughout the day to stretch, go on short walks and eat your meals. You’ll find that your overall happiness will go up and your pain will be well managed with these small changes. 

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