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Care whenever you need it, wherever you are. Babylon offers 24/7 digital healthcare with a range of professionals, at a price you can afford. 

Learn more about our services and choose a payment plan that works for you.

Our clinicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year

Why Babylon?

Enjoy access to  24/7 healthcare with a range of healthcare professionals right from your device. Benefits include:

  • Fast, convenient access to the care you need, when you need it

  • Direct access to the right clinician for your needs

  • High-quality care from one of the largest digital-first healthcare providers in the UK

  • No need to deregister from your NHS practice

You can:

  • View your Babylon clinical records securely through the app

  • Book 24/7 digital appointments with your choice of clinician.

  • Access a suite of digital self care tools to support your health concerns and help you manage your health

  • Have prescriptions sent to a pharmacy of your choice or delivered to your home

  • Get investigations or referrals to a range of specialists

  • Receive sick notes

Our healthcare professionals

When you book an appointment, we will recommend a healthcare professional based on the type of concern you have. Read below to see how our team can support you.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs)

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Advanced Nurse Practitioners can provide advice, diagnosis and treatment for both minor and complex non-pregnancy related issues or concerns.

Referrals to an appropriate specialist are available if needed.

Mental Health Practitioners (MHPs)

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Mental Health Practitioners can assess and provide advice and management for a wide range of mental health queries. Referrals to an appropriate specialist are available if needed.

*Please note mental health practitioners cannot prescribe medication.


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Physiotherapists specialise in treating musculoskeletal conditions and provide advice, diagnosis and treatment of muscle, joint and bone injuries, and aches and pains. 

Referrals to an appropriate specialist are available if needed. 

*Please note, physiotherapists cannot prescribe medication.


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Prescribing pharmacists can provide short supplies of repeat medications for most conditions including asthma and depression. They can also issue emergency contraception and offer diagnosis and advice for minor ailments.


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General Practitioners (GPs) specialise in primary care and have a broad range of medical knowledge. They can treat patients of all ages and are able to provide referrals when investigations or specialist treatment is required.

To access these services, simply select ‘Book appointment’ in the Babylon app, and choose the reason that best describes your symptoms. Complete your booking with one of our skilled healthcare professionals at a time and date that suits you.

What we treat

Whether you’re wondering if you’re experiencing flu symptoms or if your medical problem can be dealt with via a video appointment, our doctors can help get you the answers you need. Read more.

Access our free health tools

  • Understand symptoms instantly through our Symptom Checker

  • Assess and optimise your current health with My Health

  • Track your mood, activity and more with My Health

How much will it cost?

Pay As You Go

Pay as you go with no hidden costs.

£59 GP

£48 Advanced Nurse Practitioner

£48 Physiotherapist

£45 Mental Health Practitioner

£45 Pharmacist