Organisation of Aware Saviours In Society

Of the Students, For the Students, By the Students


Your gateway to ecoedutainment, the inner circle of fun, excitements, privileges and exclusively rewarding experiences and of feeling special and being valued…

Starts with being a ACTIVE MEMBER as a:

  1. Child / Adult individual member
  2. Institute / School member
  3. Associate Member (Internship)

Child / Adult Individual Members

Membership Privileges

  • Opportunities to take part in theme related contests, First hand experiences of field visits and camps, Workshops and interactive discussions spread throughout the year in sync with World Acknowledged Days.
  • Training for skit presentation and Dramatics.
  • Platform for exhibiting your talents and developing leadership
  • Sharing of exclusive environment related information to improve overall knowledge
  • Developing communication Skills
  • Inspiring loyalty among colleagues
  • Teaching event management
  • Conducting research
  • Free Annual party as a Special gift for those members, who have earned the points throughout the year on various parameters laid down by OASIS.
  • Opportunity to get space for publishing your talent (Letters, poems, essays, drawings, stage performance) along with your photograph in our Newsletter / Educational Material

    Rs. 1300/-
    Download Individual Active Membership Form

Institute/School member

It offers to set up an ECO SENSE in schools to establish a child-centered approach in the fields of environment, education and entertainment with following objectives:

- To draw out a child's inherent love and nurture a natural enthusiasm for learning about nature through a world of practical applications .
- To create a learning atmosphere outside the classroom.
- To instill the value of self-confidence in a child by providing talent manifestation opportunities.
- To create assets of the future.

Membership Privileges
Eco-Edutainment Workshops on Environmental Awareness

  • Eco-Exhibitions
  • Eco-Excursions & Camps (on request only)
  • Eco-Confidence Building Programmes
  • Eco-Fitness and Eco-Nutrition
  • Eco Dramas

    Apart from availing free interactive workshops every year for 50 students on topics ranging from biodiversity of animal life to latest information’s on Environment and pollution solutions, OASIS arranges events with strategic alliances where member schools are welcome to participate. OASIS could arrange an Eco festival in schools OASIS also  trains students / teachers as Eco ambassadors to further train the younger counterparts through Eco Dramas.

    Rs. 3300/-
    Download Institute Membership Form

Associate Member

OASIS offers to seeking adults a complete, detailed information opportunity to start, build and manage a successful 'enhancement centre'. It provides support of extensive resourceful experience complimented with a professional working plan and multiple kits that serve as basic information to develop the essential skills. Combined with one's own initiative and drive a new horizon of future can be touched.

Membership Privileges
Personal enhancement workshops.

  • Creating a 'centre' for yourself.
  • Developing a platform for self-promotion.
  • Training and support through regular meetings, developing communication skills, leadership opportunity, group dynamics.
  • Representing OASIS as a resource person for Ecoedutainment workshops.
  • Training in conducting field trips / camps
  • Publicity platforms in our Newsletters or our venue programmes.
  • Provision of material to host contests in your area.

    Rs. 5300/-
    Download Associate Membership Form


Membership Payment Method

Send your Membership Payment's
Cheque favoring "OASIS”
A/B - 601, Kailash,131,
S.V.Road, Khar West,
Above ING Kotak Bank,
Mumbai – 400052


-- OR --

Deposit in bank / Fund Transfer to

Bank Name : Union Bank of India
A/c No. : 319402010021737
IFSC Code : UBIN0531766
Branch : Khar, Mumbai – 400 052

(kindly mention your payment details along with the form or via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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