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Let’s Deal With E-Waste Inter-School Contest – A Report

VENUE: Pathare Prabhu Co-operative Housing Society Hall
TIME: 7.30 am- 2.30pm

19 schools participated in the ‘E-waste Elimination Squad Interschool Competition’ and put up extraordinary performances to display their understanding of the problem of E-waste and showcase the outreach work carried out by them as a part of the project.

In the presence of the esteemed judges, Mr. Akshay Hudar, Mr. Makaranda Rege and Mr. Charles Chettiar, the schools put up a 15 minute performance which included a skit that incorporated dance, drama and jingles on the topic of E-waste, a Power-point presentation that exhibited their journey in the project and lastly a Viva session. The judges agreed unanimously that they were impressed with the students and had enjoyed each and every performance and had not experienced a single dull or boring moment the entire day.

The skits performances presented were unique and varied in terms of storylines and style of presenting but the fundamental message in all skits was the same, ‘The problem of E-waste has risen only because of consumerism and greed and it can be tackled only with the help of 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. The students even created their own jingles on e-waste for the competition and presented them in different styles, for example, rapping to the tune of popular songs or with the help of live music and singing.

The power-point presentations beautifully highlighted the efforts of the school students, their teachers and Principals in both phases of the project with the help of photos and videos. The photos and videos utilized in the slides documented the various activities conducted by the schools like rallies, drawing, painting, community outreach, etc. Based on this presentation, the judges then conducted the viva session with the speakers from the school and were amazed with the confidence displayed by these students while answering.

Students from Podar International SSC put up an impromptu but energetic Dance performance especially for the judges on the E-waste anthem on the request of Dr. Puja Sukhija.

The competition came to an end with students from Rose Manor Garden School performing a mesmerizing patriotic medley and a thank you note by Dr. Puja Sukhija.