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S.S. Sahney School's Report

6th of January 2017 -  Event at S.S. Sahaney High School in Khar west

The students and teachers of the following schools gathered to show their support for the project by presenting their efforts in E – Waste Awareness.

  1. Rose Manor High Schoo
  2. Kamla High Schoo
  3. Jasudben High School
  4. St.Elias High School
  5. BPM High School

Students made presentations on what they have done for the cause at their level and discussed the solutions to E – Waste Management.
The judges had some great interactions with the students and teachers on their work on this project.
The event has showcased the potential of schools to care for the Environment by doing their part in E – Waste management.


S.S. Sahney the winner of 2015 E Waste project becomes an ambassador to spread message to H Ward schools for Sony Music and OASIS Project "E-Waste Wise" version 2.0, 2016-17

To deal with the nation-wide increasing electronic waste concern, the S.S.Sahney High School, winner of Project Let’s deal with E waste 2015, chalked out a plan for H ward schools to reverberate the campaign. They reached out to 400 students from neighboring schools like Kamala high School, St. Elias High School, Rose Manor High School, R. V. Technical, Sadhna High School , Jasudben High School and  Fr. Agnel School.

The Sahney school teachers and student’s aim is to mobilize the oriented schools and help them to reach out to the community to let people be sensitized of the digital backyard we are creating.