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E-Nough of E-Waste

Understanding E-waste  -  The dark side of bright technology


None of us can imagine a world with no computers, no cell phones, no television, no air conditioners, no refrigerators, no microwave ovens, and no DVD players. It is almost unthinkable, even a little bit scary.

While modern technology has made our world more comfortable than our cave dwelling ancestors could ever imagine it has not been without substantial impact on the Planet. Every leap and bound of technology has affected the natural environment and in most cases adversely.

One of the biggest growing concerns of today is the problem of E-waste. New technologies have lead to an immense increase in E-waste and its impact on the environment and human health can no longer be ignored. Millions of electronics are discarded every year. They find themselves piled up like quite a mountain in landfills. All E-waste contains some amount of hazardous and precious elements. If not disposed of correctly these elements leach in to surrounding soil and contaminate ground water.

What is then left for us to help? It is indeed irrational to ask the people of the world to give up all the comforts of modern day living but it is not too much to ask that we do not behave irresponsibly but behave “E-responsibly”.

The youth and children of today stand to benefit the most from understanding that they could be the ones facing the reality of a poisoned Planet stripped of many of its natural resources in the future hence it is  time to get aware, get active and be a part of the project E incarnate.

We would like to involve you, your institute,your society,your school in participating and conducting an awareness drive titled “E-nough of E-waste” for the community awareness.

The Workshop

In a series of workshops titled “E-nough of E-waste”, in almost 30 schools of Mumbai, the OASIS team will initiate students into the world of E-waste. In a one-hour sessions, students will be introduce to the concept of e-waste, the hazards that affect not just the environment, but also our own health, and ways in which one can safely and effectively dispose e-waste.

After sharing the knowledge, the team of OASIS will distribute fliers and questionnaires to students so that they can carry forward the torch of awareness. Each student will speak to five more people – from their family, society or even friend circle – and share their newly acquired knowledge. This process will create a chain of people who will now think twice before disposing a battery in common garbage!
Following are few glimpses of the workshops conducted across different schools.


E-waste workshops conducted across different schools by OASIS

9th Feb 2012
Taibeyah School
80 Students
  9th Feb 2012
Kannada Bhavan
50 Students
13th Feb 2012
JJ School - Boys
70 Students 

13th Feb 2012
JJ School - Girls
85 Students
13th Feb 2012
Dr. S. R. Vidyalaya
54 Students
14th Feb 2012
Ismail Baig School
40 Students

4th Apr 2012
Army Public School
65 Students
9th July 2012
Manav Mandir
11th July 2012
St. Mary's School


E-Nough of E-Waste in News




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