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22 Mar 2012 Titli Utsav

Butterflies Swarm Into Kurla West

"Titli Utsav", a half-day event, saw students dressed as butterflies all over the St. Michael High School Kurla West on 22 March 2012 to observe World Forestry Day. This event was a part of the year long project called Ped Pukare Titli Aa Re and the event  saw students participate in fancy dress, poetry, jingle and poster contests. The program was attended by over 600 students, parents and teachers of all the participant schools of L ward of Mumbai.

Ped Pukare Titli Aa Re is an environment protection initiative undertaken by OASIS, a registered NGO working for the cause of environment since 1997. As part of the initiative, students from colleges across Mumbai will go to schools and facilitate workshops on ecological protection of the Butterfly world and help usher the colourful world in Mumbai. Saplings that attract Butterflies will be planted in Gardens in and around the schools by the students, in plots given by the BMC. The objective of the project is Butterfly Rehabilitation; the saplings attract butterflies and they increase the butterfly population the city of Mumbai.

The actual planting of saplings will be done by the students of the schools. Each student will be responsible for planting and nurturing a particular sapling. The student is provided with the information regarding the type of butterfly that is attracted by that sapling. Mrs. Jean Gomes, Principal of St. Michael High School said, “Children are bored of the daily routine and interactive projects and learning through participation excites them thus garnering their complete participation and attention.”

Titli Utsav started with the introduction of a presentation on World forestry Day talking about the biodiversity by the students of Michael High School. The judges for the day were Mrs. Jayashree Rao (Impact Officer, Idobro), Mrs. Pallavi Dhingra (advertising professional) and Mr. Aditya Paranjpe (AIESEC).

The theme for the contest was butterflies and it composed of a fancy dress competition, jingle, and poetry and poster competition. The students gave a fantastic performance and the hall resounded with tumultuous applause from the audience.

Mrs. Jayashree Rao said, “Butterfly Rehabilitation is a new thought in the social sector and I am glad that the teachers are encouraging the students to think of such innovative ideas. I congratulate OASIS and the teachers for their commendable work.”

Mrs Pallavi Dhingra said, “I have not seen a single butterfly or a sparrow of late in Mumbai. Protection of these creatures is an important part of the ecosystem. Planting trees that attract creatures that are slowly fading away is imperative to the environment.”

The event ended with the prize distribution and the closing speech given by Dr. Puja Sukhija, Executive Director of OASIS. The event in itself was very enlightening. The students had successfully integrated facts about butterflies in their performances, thus making it entertaining yet informative. Research Scholar Mrs Ganga Jaykumar, who attended the program said, “It was excellent event, there is a lot to learn about butterflies and their importance in the ecological system.”

The event was coordinated by organization students of AIESEC .

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