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Bring Back Butterflies - Report

More than 150 species of butterflies have been spotted in Mumbai. This is more than twice the number of species recorded in Great Britain. The joy of watching the stunning beauties and the thought of touching them is most fascinating for children. A butterfly garden can provide a wealth of learning for all. The Pioneering work of Jean Piaget has also stressed on the Multi-sensory environment that a Butterfly garden can provide for the full cognitive and emotional development of the child.

BBB Report 1

The dwindling numbers of the Butterflies in Mumbai is a cause of concern for many and so is for OASIS. Under the aegis of Environment Department, State of Maharashtra we are putting forward our on-going endeavour of preserving the Winged wonders and Environmental assets for the year 2013 titled project "Bring Back Butterflies".

A Oasis NGO decided to carry out the “Bring Back Butterfly” project where the students of UPG were provided the resource material and were told to identify the butterflies in and around the vicinity. The students carried out the project on 13th December 2013 wherein they visited various parks and identified the butterflies with the help of given manual. The students involved in this project were basically from the BSc IT, BMS department of the college. The students carried out the project.

BBB Report 2
Our students Ananya and Shrey along with the manual to identify the butterflies.
  BBB Report 3
Jay Bhagat, a student of BSc IT also carried out the activity identifying the butterflies with the manual provided.
  BBB Report 4
Harsh and Yasha along with their manual to carry out the activity.


During this project the students also were learning how important butterflies to the ecosystem were. Also this helped in creating the awareness about the extinct species of butterflies in the world.