Organisation of Aware Saviours In Society

Of the Students, For the Students, By the Students

Who at OASIS

Board of Trustees at OASIS:

Dr. Puja Vijay Sukhija, Executive Director & Founder Trustee:

With over decades of teaching, and administrative experience, Dr Puja Vijay Sukhija is no stranger to education. She chose to give up her conventional teaching career to strive for a cause she firmly believed in. Armed with her conviction she conceived the idea of OASIS which would allow her to champion the cause of the Environment.
Narendra Kedia Mr. Narendra Kedia, Founder Trustee:

A financial wizard with a legal background, who believes that Children are innocent, energetic, non-prejudiced, non-hypocritical beings very close to God. Unfortunately with age, children start losing all these divine virtues & their unique identity. Mumbai can become more habitable only when the young torch bearers of the city are nurtured in a manner as to bring out their inherent divine virtues.
Capt Sanjay Chaudhari Capt. Sanjay Chaudhari, Founder Trustee:

Vijay Sukhija:

With Nirvana as his aim and honesty as his path, this visionary possesses intense solidarity in both thought and action. The message that he wishes to impart to the youth is - “Awaken yourself - In all your actions and deeds”.
Ms. Rajni Patil

Ms. Rajni Patil is an educationist who is committed and well-equipped with a wide-range of skills to discover the richness and resourcefullness in children. Her aim is to transform the lives of children by sensitizing and triggering their genuinity to protect the Gift of God i.e. 'Environment'. She strongly believes in igniting and moulding young minds by actively involving  them in social and environmental driven activities during their scholastic years



__ Samira Pillai, Head of Operations & PR:

Bringing in fresh perspective and organized thought to the processes at OASIS, Samira prides in her unique editing skills. Practicing what she preaches, she does her small bits to save the environment.
Shyam Gupta  

Shyam Gupta, Technical Head:

A computer hardware professional with keen interest in networking and web designing, Shyam is a God fearing person. He believes that it is his duty to conserve this beautiful creation of God made for mankind because it is what God expects from us.
email: shyam @, Mob# 9768589848


Raj Desai,  Head of Digital Imaging:

Cinematographer and Visual Artist.
Has been shooting documentaries, corporate films, fiction content, product photography , cooking shows and also working in  hindi feature films.
Mobile: 7208844200.


RIP: Shri Shamsunder Jaisingh

This is to inform all our members that the founder trustee of OASIS, Mr. Shamsunder Jaisingh, passed away on February 04, 2014.  He was seventy six.

Born on November 09, 1937 he was a man with a vision. Having lost his parents at an early age of fourteen, he took care of his large family of many siblings by commencing work very early in life.

Though at that time his salary was only Rs 05, he saw to it that his house was always filled with an abundance of supplies and every single member of his family was well taken care of.

Mr. Shamsunder Jaisingh or 'Uncle' as everyone fondly addressed him had the midas touch of making Fortune smile upon everyone he associated with.

After many years of hard work and rigorous efforts he became the first sole manufacturer of thinners and lacquers. He then ventured into many entrepreneurial endeavors; Colour Crafts, Veena Agencies, Vivid Agencies, and last but not the least OASIS.

Shamsunder Jaisingh had the zest and the zeal to take on any project and turn it into a profitable venture. That was one of the reasons that whoever got associated with him always looked to him for solutions.

He was always there to help his contemporaries as well as people who came to him asking for any kind of guidance.

He was a generous, loving and a caring personality, who till his last day, took care of everyone.

A man who was all heart, left all of us teary eyed and he shall always be remembered. His going has created a void that shall never be filled because there was and there shall be no one like him.


RIP: Shri. J.P. Singhal

This is to inform all our members that the trustee of OASIS, Shri. J.P. Singhal, passed away on May 10, 2014. 

J.P. Singhal, born in 1934 was one of the most respected artists in the Indian art world. Born in a small village in Northern India he began painting at the tender age of sixteen in a culture and society where painting was not considered a good enough profession.

As time passed by, from painting he took on to photography and a lot of this credit goes to the Late Show Man Raj Kappor who pushed him to get into film photography and publicity. His first assignment was Raj Kapoor‘s Satyam Shivam Sundaram and from there there was no looking back.

J. P. Singhal was the real man’s artist, a popular artist who brought a little bit of the real India into every home in the country.

The moment J. P. Singhal’s photographs came into the public eye, he began getting offers to design and shoot publicity campaigns for the Indian Film Industry.

J. P. Singhal did films like Tezaab, Border, Gajja Gamini, Benaras, well the list is endless. Many of today’s superstars shot to fame with his click.

J. P. Singhal was know for his distinct style, a way of making the subject seem unbelievably beautiful in a heartbreakingly romantic way. This talent made him a trend and it was said that if one wanted to become a star, they went to J. P. Singhal for their photographs. Actors, actresses, directors, producers all flocked around him and he began the second phase of his career, that of the photographer.

A creative genius as we would like to call J. P. Singhal, moved on from photography to graphic designing and digital imaging. J. P. Singhal was the first studio in the country to turn completely Mac oriented back in the 80’s when people still called it Macintosh.

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