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toi 23nov2016

Project 'Let's Deal With E-waste' - Ver 2.0

Project 'E-Waste Wise’ at A/B ward schools

St. Joseph's School (Umarkhadi)

Hashemiah High School

St. Joseph's High School

Muhammadiyah English School

Lalljeebhoy Sajun Charitable Institute

G.D.Somani Memorial School

As a continuation of the “Let’s Deal with E-Waste” SONY Music and OASIS ventured into Version 2.0 called “E-Waste Wise” and commence training programme for students aged 12 to 15 years of age across a number of A and B wards schools in Mumbai. The sincere attempt to bring out the problems caused by E-Waste supplemented with effective methods to tackle them began in Bharda New High School, Anjuman-I-Islam Urdu High School, Anjuman I Islam Allana High School (English) and Army Public School.

The schools have found the aim of the project as very impressive and motivating.It brings about concrete awareness regarding the harm being caused to the society and environment at large by improper methods of E-Waste use and disposal also, suggesting the right approach in going about the same.
The schools feel that it is the young minds that are the best propagators of a solid change that eventually manifests in society.

Students and a couple of teachers from Anjuman Islam Dr. M.I.J Girls School, Bandra, the winner of 2015  set out for training their Peers with a lot of enthusiasm in a bus specially booked for the occasion. The banners around the bus, personalized t-shirts worn by students along with their goodie bags, made the atmosphere full of WE FEELING

Information regarding Sony Music -OASIS past project on E-Waste ‘Let’s deal with E-Waste’ and its success was show-cased in order to throw light upon the gravity of the program that took place last year. One by one, using banners the E-Waste subject was explained and conveyed.

Students of Anjuman Islam Dr. M.I.J Girls School, Bandra also put up a very interesting and enlightening play depicting the dangerously inseparable bond between electronics and man that has developed over the past few years. The skit through light upon the urgency of man, as a responsible individual, needs to put his foot forward and learn to manage and control e-waste effectively by way of fun-filled songs such as ‘Jaago Logo Jaago’. All in all, the message was conveyed and a chord was struck.

Definitely, the impact of the show to this fairly large audience of young and curious minds was believable basis the kind of responses that were received at the end from the now-mindful of problems. When asked what out of all information showcased hit them the most, responses such as ‘It is disturbing to see our own city Mumbai to be the top producer of E-Waste’, ‘E-Waste causes lung and skin cancer’. They were also prompted to take this initiative forward constructively. ‘I will make sure E-Waste from my home is disposed in the right manner and not anyhow’. ‘We will inform other classmates from our school about this’ were some replies received. Teachers of Anjuman Islam Dr. M.I.J Girls School, Bandra also interviewed the coordinator teachers from the schools on a one to one basis and the response received to ensure students participate in this initiative was promising.

The day wound as students left in the bus singing songs and having refreshments, but not without leaving a strong message behind.


Anjuman I Islam Allana High School


Anjuman I Islam Urdu High School


Army Public School


Bharda New High School


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