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08 Jan 2016
Johnson + OASIS

Project Earth Healers
Earth is Hurting & She Needs Healing

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The Earth is hurt. The Earth is bleeding. The Earth is shedding silent tears.

She cannot heal because she experiences a new kind of battering every day!

Tonnes of chemical / petroleum pollutants and sewage are released into our oceans every day… Toxic gases are poisoning our air… Plastics and other non-biodegradable solid wastes are choking our land… Every day more trees are cut, more species of flora & fauna are getting endangered.
Essentially, human actions are responsible for global climate change. Consider this – 2015 was the hottest year on record with ocean temperatures being the highest since measurements began. Experts have warned that the record-breaking heat shows global warming is driving the world’s climate into “an uncharted territory”.
Our planet is our only home. But the damage we are inflicting on her means that we will soon have no place to live..... World Powers have recognized this danger. There is global agreement that drastic measures are required.
It is time to Heal the Earth and the time is NOW! As a responsible Earthizen, each of us – the 7.4 billion people – can contribute to the healing process. Earth needs us. She needs our love. She needs our healing touch.
OASIS, a registered NGO that works on spreading environmental awareness, is creating a caravan of “Earth Healers" who want to help begin the healing process.
The problems plaguing Earth may be large and global, but the solutions come in the smallest possible healing acts that you can do in your own home, society, school, college or community.

Planting a tree, segregating our solid waste, closing water taps and switching off electricity when not in use, recycling E Waste are just some of the things we can do. The list of healing acts is endless.
After all, little drops come together to create a big ocean. Small actions add up and lead to a positive change and have a large impact on the healing process.
Join the movement of Earth Healers.

What’s the action plan? Launching Soon! Keep watch on this space...


About OASIS:  

What is OASIS?

OASIS, Organization of Aware Saviours in Society is a registered Environmental NGO of Action oriented Awareness since 1997.

OASIS is a highly dedicated socially oriented organization, working toward the aim of promoting Environmental Awareness through the future generation and it stands for Environmental Awareness of the students, for the students by the students.

Why was OASIS born?
What's in it for you?

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